Cox Cons (Again)

Cox seems to schedule their automatic payments weeks in advance. No matter what you do in the interim, you can't stop that train. If you must cancel a credit card due to fraud, you will inevitably be charged a returned payment fee by Cox. Worse, Cox Customer Service agents seem oblivious to this phenomenon.

With the increasing prevalence of credit card fraud, Cox is certainly earning handsome revenue from their "returned payment fee" scam.

Note: this is a follow-up to my post "Why Cox 'EasyPay' is a Scam", which I'd recommend reading first.

Oct 2, 10 a.m. — I report fraud to my credit card company.

Oct 2, 11 a.m. — On, I add a different credit card as a payment method for "EasyPay" and remove the old card. The website says all "EasyPay" changes take two billing cycles to take effect, and it says that I should pay my bill manually for this cycle. However, there's already an "EasyPay" payment scheduled, and so there's no balance or bill to pay manually.

Oct 2, 1:30 pm — Call Cox customer service. I explain that the last time I had to switch credit cards due to fraud, "EasyPay" charged my old credit card, even though the new credit card was updated in the system. I asked the agent what I should do to ensure this does not happen again. She explains that she sees no reason why it would charge my old credit card this time; I updated the payment method, so it should charge the new card. I explain that this happened before, I was charged a "returned payment fee," even though I had verified the payment method was updated correctly online. She seems confused as to why that would happen. She reassures me that the payment should be processed fine.

Oct 7, 3 p.m. — I receive an automated email from Cox explaining that the payment from my old credit card failed. Obviously updating the payment method with Cox for "EasyPay" does not take effect within the current billing cycle. Now I look forward to getting charged a "payment returned fee" yet again, despite my good faith effort to ensure the payment would work this time.

I absolutely cannot believe that Cox cannot update "EasyPay" payment method information within a billing cycle. With credit card fraud prevalent, this is simply unacceptable. Then to charge a "returned payment fee" because they're using an outdated payment method is egregious.